Booking Terms

Reservations Terms & Conditions

By making a booking, the terms & conditions herein contained are deemed to have read and accepted. The client in whose name the booking is made undertakes liability for all bills incurred by his/hers/ their guests or invitees.

Reservations & Payment terms

·         All rates are per person sharing unless otherwise stated. Maximum number of adults that can be  accommodated per room is two.

·         All rates are inclusive of VAT (value added tax) Reservations are NOT confirmed until the name, surname, cell phone numbers, payment method and expected time of arrival of guests is provided to La Perle.

·         All proof of payments / deposits should be mailed to Please note the name of the guest staying and booking number should be used as reference on the deposit slip.

·         No bookings will be confirmed unless proof payment/deposit or credit card details has been received by La Perle.

·         All reservations made will be cancelled unless a signed confirmation and proof of payment as noted above is received within 48 hours from the date on this confirmation.

·         No notification will be given for cancellation. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to follow up whether proof of payment and signed confirmation has been received by our reservations department.

·         All guests must ensure that they have adequate travel insurance – La Perle cannot be held liable for any changes or cancelled travel arrangements made by the guest after a confirmed booking

Real –time reservations Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the images & text contained on the website are as accurate as possible, it is the responsibility of each guest to determine the suitability of accommodation for his/her individual needs prior to making a reservation. Last minute upgrades are not guaranteed. Online bookings/ room selection is NOT decided by La Perle. All guests booking online are choosing their own rooms.